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Discover How To Use The Internet And Social Media To Expose Your Business To Hungry Audiences, Build Your Reputation And Authority, Increase Product And Service Visibility And Start To Engage With REAL Prospects...

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How To Create Traffic Strategies That Builds Solid Exponentially Growing Traffic To Any Site You Choose On A Consistent Basis And Works For ANY BUSINESS....

If you are in business to make money then you need to use the internet and social media to reach new prospects in order to grow your business. You know that traffic is an essential part of that growth.

The problem has always been HOW to get that traffic on a consistent basis. There are too many fly-by-night schemes that can get you banned from Google, damage your business and ruin your sales. Now you can discover the techniques and strategies professional marketers use to drive real people into real deals online. Strategies that have been proven to work again and again.

Take A Look At The VIDEO TUTORIALS That Will Enable You To CRUSH Your Traffic Drought!!! - PLUS Discover Where To Send Your New Found Traffic For MAXIMUM CONVERSION!!!

Traffic Campaign Concepts

Introduction to creating campaigns to give you a solid direction in your marketing. It's important to focus on each individual campaign on order to create, build and deliver. Use these proven methods to create defined actions which help you completely understand what you need to do EVERY TIME!

The 4 Point Traffic Campaign Blueprint

Discover my proven "4 Point Traffic Campaign Blueprint" which I use on every campaign and micro campaign to enable use to focus on goals, reach, platforms and the creative elements we need to make any campaign a success. I do this with every consultative client and has proven to get results quickly and professionally.

Creating A Traffic Campaign

How to build a TRAFFIC campaign. In this video I show you how to create one of the most popular traffic campaigns which is how to generate leads. I show you how we would create a campaign to build leads for any business

Traffic From Social Media

How to use Social Media as a traffic driver! Social media is one of the main ways to drive traffic to your websites, landing pages and sales pages today. If you want to create a relevant online brand you need to use the key social networks within your marketing strategies.

Get Traffic From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very powerful professional social network where you can link up with like minded business people. It's also a great driver of quality traffic if used correctly. In these video I show you how to increase your reach, how to get people to want to connect with you and how to use these connections to drive leads to your "Primary Conversion Environment"

YouTube Traffic Secrets

The most powerful and largest of video distribution sites is YouTube and in this set of videos I will be showing you how to optimize your videos so they are found in both YouTube and Google as well as some specialist ninja tricks that drives even more visitors to you site"

Drive Traffic Through Facebook

Facebook is a incredibly powerful tool to drive traffic to your web sites and squeeze pages. This module is a comprehensive guide to diving traffic through facebook marketing. There are over a BILLION active users on Facebook so you know YOUR prospects and customers are on this incredible platform.. Now you will be able to reach them easier, faster and get better results.

Traffic Busting Facebook Ads

This is a full and comprehensive course in it's own right with I sold in bug numbers. Now all that course and a lot more is included in Web Traffic Academy. You will discover how to use Facebook Ads to massively increase your marketing reach, get more people liking your page and why that's REALLY important and drive tons of traffic to your offers.. All for some of the lowes marketing spend around!

Facebook Retargeting

On top of the fact that Facebook is a great tool to market your business, they also enable you to remarket or retarget people who have been to your site or specific pages on your site. This is one of the most powerful marketing tool you can use and I'll show you a specific retargeting strategy that targets buyers and non buyers as well as people who visited your Landing page but did not subscribe.. Imagine being able to remarket whatever you wanted to people you know were interested but for some reason left your page before taking any sort of action... Massive!!

Traffic From Twitter

8 Amazing Tutorial Video ALL ON TWITTER : Twitter has been one of the most underused social platforms for driving traffic but if used properly can be a profitable way to drive highly targeted traffic to your cool content pages and stimulate some genuine engagement which as we all know leads to leads and sales. I have some very cool Twitter strategies to share with you here...

Twitter Automation Drives Constant Traffic

I'm a massive fan of automation and automating your twitter campaigns gets real results and saves you a ton of time. I am always getting retweeted which leads to more leads and more sales but you need to be prolific and consistent and in these videos I'm going to show you what tools to use and what strategies to employ to get the BEST Results!

Content Marketing The FREE Traffic Source

Content Marketing : It's important to understand exactly what content marketing is and how to use it to create more traffic from the exact right audience. It's big news for marketers as it promotes business with high quality shareable content. In this set of video's I will show you what content you need to create and how to distribute it for maximum exposure.

Webinars The BIG Traffic Driver!!!

Do You Do Webinars: This has to be one of my all time favorite ways to build massive lists, build my reputation and increase my sales. Webinars are the one thing that can radically change the way people perceive your business and they work for absolutely ANY BUSINESS no matter who you are or what you sell.. Not only do a number of video tutorials on Webinars and Google Hangouts but I also include a bonus section giving you my TOP 5 Webinar Models that have brought in revenue for me...

Plus Lots More... Tips, Strategies & Techniques To Boost Your Traffic Exponentially And Consistently.

BONUS - Webinar Profit Secrets

In the main training I show you how to use Webinars as a massive traffic driver and a great way to build a list quickly so you can market to those prospects again and again.

In this BONUS Training I share with you the 5 TOP STRATEGIES to make your Webinars profitable. I have used each and every one of these Webinar Profit Strategies and made substantial profits using these techniques.

BONUS - FREE Induction Training

Traffic training is essential to get more people to your site but there has to be some underlying principles that will ensure your success. That's why I decided to include a bonus INDUCTION training section that you should watch before going into the to CORE training modules.

These videos cover some of the basic technologies but also the psychology around traffic creation and the associated marketing of your business online. I look at Keywords, Online marketing psychology with an introduction to R.A.V.E. which is an essential attitude to online marketing of your business and crucial information on where you send your traffic. I look at how you can and should be setting up the pages you send your traffic to In other word your Perfect Primary Conversion Environments....

  • 1

    Induction Part 1 | An Introduction To Web Traffic Academy

    An introduction to the the Web Traffic Academy training program where you discover where your primary focus should be to drive traffic to your business.

  • 2

    Induction Part 2 | Keywords

    Keywords are going to become an incredibly important part of your traffic driving strategies as we move through the training. The concept is incredibly simple, and yet most businesses completely miss this aspect of their online marketing or simply just get it wrong. In this video I show you a simple technique so you can start using keywords in all your online content.

  • 3

    Induction Part 3 | R.A.V.E.

    Discover the underlying principles of online business marketing. This is the special source of High Quality traffic. You will understand the importance of personal and company positioning and what you need to use the internet and social networking to increase your reputation and authority whilst increasing your visibility and starting off that all important engagement process.

  • 2

    Induction Part 2 | Keywords

    Keywords are going to become an incredibly important part of your traffic driving strategies as we move through the training. The concept is incredibly simple, and yet most businesses completely miss this aspect of their online marketing or simply just get it wrong. In this video I show you a simple technique so you can start using keywords in all your online content.

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For total transparency. I offer an upgrade to anyone who is a member of Web Traffic Academy to my Platinum Inner Circle which provides ongoing monthly training via webinars, downloadable reports and additional information relating to that month's content. I offer this of a yearly fee of $497. You can upgrade at any time whilst you are a member of Web Traffic Academy or join us on a ad hoc basis for $124 per session. The Inner Circle membership will save you a lot of money over the year and will help you sustain your business marketing and keep you up to date with all the latest marketing technologies and strategies.